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This is real life

Written by Emmy and Chaz on 26 November 2011

Absurdity Checkpoint has already had quite a run. Over 100 posts, many plane rides and a whole lot of dinner entrees later, we’re still standing. And the time has come for us to wave farewell to our carefree and lengthy summer and embrace adulthood and gainful employment.

But just because we’ve put on suits doesn’t mean we’ll stop blogging. After all, it would be hard for us to abandon the life that we once knew. Though we’ll have to work a little harder to keep things as dynamic as ever, the words we wrote back in May are as true as ever: “Goals include fun, friends, family, adventure, food and culture.”

So continue to keep your eyes trained to this site, follow our Twitter (@absurdcheckpt), keep blasting your own copy of the “Born This Way” album and email us anytime.

Thanks for reading,
Emmy & Chaz

Happy Independence Day

Written by Emmy on 4 July 2011

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program with an important announcement: Happy July 4th!

And now, back to recounting our adventures in Singapore.