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A northeastern interlude

Written by Chaz on 7 September 2011

After I got back from Maine, I headed down to our nation’s capital for a few days to visit friends. Highlights included a birthday dinner at Blue Duck Tavern with Diana’s family, a delicious Thai meal at Elephant Jumps in Falls Church — I survived ordering my entree “Thai spicy,” their highest level — and a trip to the Udvar-Hazy Center annex of the Air and Space Museum, out by Dulles Airport, where Joanna and I saw a Concorde and a Space Shuttle.


My friend Diana and I left Washington together and took a bus to the Jersey shore, where we had one beautiful day and one stormy day on the beach. I also had a great photo shoot with her adorable little brother Jack.

After I got back to Philadelphia, Joanna came up to join me for a couple days of camping in Ricketts Glen State Park, one of the gems of Pennsylvania’s state park system. Ricketts Glen is known for the Falls Trail, a loop through a series of beautiful waterfalls. We had a great time roughing it, if you can call car camping roughing it.


Both great trips with wonderful people!