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A short time on Long Island

Written by Emmy on 5 September 2011

After only a few weeks apart, it was about time for Team Absurdity Checkpoint to reunite.

When Chaz was finally able to board a plane headed for the U.S., don’t be fooled into thinking he was going home. Due to the restrictions that come with flying using frequent flyer miles, Chaz had to fly into New York — which gave us the perfect excuse for a weekend of fun and sun on Long Island.

Because of Chaz’s delayed take-off from Stockholm, he arrived into JFK a bit later than planned. While this would normally have been no issue at all, his arrival happened to coincide with the release of the final Harry Potter movie. As this was an event I had been preparing myself for for years, it could not be missed. So with my friend Ian in tow, we picked Chaz up at the airport and made off like bandits for the movie theater, where my friend Danielle was waiting for us with tickets. (Appropriately, we saw the movie at the Roosevelt Raceway movie theater, completing the trifecta of Roosevelt sites in the area. On previous visits, Chaz and I have seen Teddy’s birthplace in Lower Manhattan and his country estate in my hometown of Oyster Bay.)

The theater was sheer mayhem and filled with costumed viewers. I wore my Brown sweatshirt in support of Emma Watson, while Ian joked that in his black hoodie, he was dressed as Voldemort. After three action-packed hours (plus the hour we spent saving our seats), we headed home and put Chaz to bed.

The next morning, we began a day of adventure. Chaz had requested a full-out triathlon following his week-long eatathon in Sweden. The weather was beautiful, and so we kayaked in Oyster Bay (the body of water for which the town is named) and swam in my backyard.

IMG_3787The view, several hours later

We had lunch on the water, and though the restaurant served mostly local seafood, we obviously both gravitated toward the most Asian item on the menu, seared sesame tuna over salad.


After lunch we went on a tour of Oyster Bay’s finest supermarkets in preparation for the evening’s event. I got to have the once-in-a-lifetime experience of hosting what was effectively our own mini frat party. Ian came back (sans the Voldemort costume), our friend Ben took the train out from his new digs in Brooklyn and our friend Max joined us fresh from Teach For America’s training institute in Queens.

It was great to have so many people we like in one place and to catch up on everyone’s action-packed summers. We relaxed in the backyard over a lovely spread of chips, salsa and a long-perfected guacamole recipe and watched the sun set over the bay. For dinner, we dug in to homemade burgers and turkey burgers, salad and coleslaw. The men handled the grilling, while I took on the token girl role of salad making.

For dessert, my parents brought home ices from the famous Long Island institution, Ralph’s, but we were all almost too full to partake. Almost.

IMG_3846IMG_3822More candid photos are viewable here.

We took the next day a little easier, luxuriating over morning coffee and then moving onto a picnic lunch gathered together by my parents. Once everyone was totally full with all of the Island’s best offerings, we dropped Max and Ben at the train. (Fun fact: the Long Island Rail Road stop we took them to, Syosset, has the largest gap between the platform and the train in the whole system.) After a short time back at my house, it was time for Chaz to jet back off again. I dropped him at LaGuardia Airport, where he set off on the next of his summer adventures.


Where in the world is Emmy?

Written by Emmy on 11 July 2011

Chaz has been providing updates from the Arctic north — well, Scandinavian north — but really, you’re probably wondering what I have been up to since Asia.

A Blackberry camera captured sunset over Mill Neck Creek

I’m at home on Long Island, working on a couple of different projects. Currently, I’m doing research on child poverty for an upcoming book by author/journalist Paul Tough; volunteering at my favorite nonprofit, Free Arts NYC; taking an online business accounting and economics course (no fun link provided); and spending some much needed quality time with my family. Just last week I learned to sand, stain and seal a dining table. I got a wok for my birthday, but I have yet to wreak any havoc on my kitchen. That’s the next adventure.